Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.45.55DSCF9964pattern available to buy from http://www.sewgirl.co.uk 

This is a pattern for an easy to make and very cute pair of floral viscose shorts. Perfect for taking on holiday, they take up little room in your suitcase and viscose fabric doesn’t crease as much as cotton and drapes beautifully. With a comfortable elasticated waistband at the back only and two useful side pockets, whats not to love!

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: 1 m floral med weight viscose fabric, 10cm x 42cm lightweight fusible interfacing, 50cm of 2.5cm width elastic.

EQUIPMENT- sewing machine, needle and thread, tape measure, pins, scissors and a safety pin.

Seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated, raw edges must be finished either with a zig zag stitch or by using an overlocker.

Check your measurements against the chart for your size.Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 17.10.28

CUTTING OUT THE PATTERN PIECES– Press your fabric and fold in half widthways so the selvedge edges are lined up and the RST. Lay your fabric out on a table and pin on your pattern pieces to the folded fabric see pic for layout guide pic 2. You will see the size markings at the sides, so cut out your pattern according to your size. Cut notches outwards away from seam.


Lay pattern pieces on the straight grain of fabric indicated by the arrows. When you cut out each piece on a double layer of fabric, you will get two pieces of each pattern piece mirrored.

3JPGCut the following pieces: 1 x FRONT (2 pieces altogether), 1 x BACK (2 pieces altogether),

1 x POCKET A (2 pieces altogether), 1 x POCKET B (2 pieces altogether)

then cut on a single layer of fabric the following: 1 WAISTBAND FRONT and BACK

and 1 WAISTBAND FRONT in lightweight fusible interfacing.

SEWING THE SHORTS FRONT –Firstly, remove your pins and paper pattern, take the FRONT piece and mark out your pleats with pins at each A , B, C, D position. Now fold over a pleat in the fabric so that A pin meets B pin and with the fold of the fabric at the reverse side and lay fold towards centre front. Pin to hold. see DIAG 1

Repeat with C and D so you have two pleats at the top edge folded towards the centre front on the reverse side.


Now repeat with other FRONT piece as before. Tack pleats to hold them secure then remove pins.

7Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 16.49.25

Pin one POCKET A piece to one of the FRONT pieces at notched edge, in position as shown on the pattern see DIAG 2. Stitch with a 1cm seam allowance. Finish raw edges. Trim ends.

89Repeat for other FRONT piece.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 16.49.32

10Fold each POCKET to reverse side of FRONT then press, so that folded edge is pushed out at the seam. Take one POCKET B piece and pin to POCKET A at outer edge. Stitch with a 1cm seam allowance, finish raw edges, trim ends.  See DIAG 3

11JPG12JPGLay each FRONT piece on a table and pin and tack stitch POCKETS at side seam and top edge to hold secure.

1314With right sides of fabric facing each other, sew FRONT pieces together at centre front with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim curved part of seam only to 5mm, finish raw edges. Press seam flat to one side.

BACK of FLORAL SHORTIES- With right sides of fabric facing each other, sew the two BACK pieces together at centre back with a 1cm seam allowance, trim curved part of seam to 5mm. Finish raw edges, trim ends. Press seam flat to one side.


17JPGPlace BACK and FRONT pieces together with right sides of fabric facing each other. Pin at each far side, matching raw edges, then stitch a 1cm seam at each side so BACK and FRONT are joined. Finish raw edges. Stitch crotch seam with a 1cm seam allowance. Finish raw edges.

MAKING THE WAISTBAND-Iron on the interfacing to the reverse side of WAISTBAND FRONT piece. Join the WAISTBAND FRONT and BACK pieces together at each short end with right sides of fabric facing each other, so you make a ring. Finish raw edge and press seam flat. Fold over and press waistband lengthways, so right sides of fabric are outermost and wrong sides facing each other.

With shorts turned right side out, take the waistband piece and, matching up side seams, pin to top edge of shorts so that raw edges are matching, make sure waistband front is lined up with front of shorts.

20JPGSew a 1cm seam allowance all around, leaving a 3cm opening at one side seam.


Finish raw edges together except at 3cm opening.

21Now to the elastic part. You need to place the elastic to the back waistband section only, adjust to fit, then stitch down at each side seam to secure inside. To do this, attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and feed one end in through the 3cm opening and pull through the waistband front section until the end of elastic is at the opposite side seam to the 3cm opening with the remaining length of elastic extending around the waistband at the back of the shorts.

Stitch down across waistband seam to secure elastic in place at one side. Pull elastic through opening, pin, try shorts on and adjust elastic to fit. Trim excess elastic.

23Stitch across waistband at seam to secure elastic. Stitch seam opening and finish raw edge. Zig zag raw edges at lower edges of shorts legs then turn over 1cm hem, press, pin, then stitch all around.

24There you have one lovely pretty summer shorties.

Copyright Fiona Hesford 2014 http://www.sewgirl.co.uk

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