Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.45.55pattern available to buy from

This is a cute swingy skaters skirt and easy to make and wear made from gorgeous organic cotton jersey with a fabulous pony print in purple and white from: I added a couple of side pockets (I love a pocket but leave them out if you prefer) and theres no zip so its an easy pull on style.

TIPS FOR SEWING JERSEY-Use a jersey/stretch or ballpoint machine. I used a size 70. For stitching seams which will be stretched its best to stitch a small zig zag stitch ie 1.5 width and 2.2 length to allow for ‘give’.

Finish raw edges with a zig zag or overlocker.

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: 1.2m fabric at 150cms wide or 1.4m of fabric if your fabric is 112cm wide

SIZE GUIDE Small = 8-10, Med = 12-14, Large = 16-18 Size info

Finished Hip measurements: 8 -10 (small) 87cm – 91.5cm , 12 -14 (med) 96cm – 102cm, 16 -18 (Large) 107 cm – 112cm

Finished length from top of waistband 48cm for all sizes.

TEMPLATE GUIDE: (1)= skirt, (2)= pocket, (3) = waistband.1JPG


Press your fabric and fold in half lengthways so the selvedges are lined up. Start by cutting out out your templates as follows:

Template 1: skirt With pattern lined up against the fold of the fabric cut out two pieces (front and back) cut along the required size line and cut notches outwards.

Template 2: pockets (optional) With the remainder fabric cut out the 4 pockets ie cut out two pattern pieces on folded fabric so you have four pieces altogether. Make sure the pattern is lined up to the straight grain of the fabric.

Template 3: (waistband) With the template lined up to the fold, cut one piece to the required size.


HOW TO SEW YOUR SKATING SKIRT-Starting with the side pockets and with RST lay a pocket piece on to the skirt at each side between the notches. Stitch a 1cm seam at pocket only. Finish raw edge of pocket seam and press pocket open away from skirt. Stitch again close to the seam (4mm) on the RS.

Repeat for all four pocket pieces so each skirt piece has a pocket piece at each side.


Lay one skirt piece on top of the other with RST. Pin at sides and around pockets matching up the raw edges. Stitch a 1cm seam and finish the raw edges together. Press.


WAISTBAND-Taking your waistband piece, fold over in half widthways matching up the short ends with RST. Stitch a 1cm seam along this short seam. Press seam open so you have a fabric ring.


Fold waistband strip in half along the long length with RST matching up the raw edges.


Pin to top raw edge of skirt all around, stretching it a little as you go so the waistband is distributed evenly all around. Tack stitch to hold in place, remove pins.8JPG

Stitch a 1cm seam with a small zig zag stitch and stretch a little as you go this will allow the seam to extend when stretched. Finish raw edges.


HEMMING THE SKIRT-Nearly done now so finally finish the raw lower edge of your skirt and turn up to the required length, pin then stitch all around close to edge on the WS. (NB. A 2cm hem will make the skirt 48cm long from the top of the waistband).IMG_1363

There you have one lovely skater skirt.

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