Here are some pattern weights that I made myself and I find really useful when using a more sturdy paper pattern. I use them instead of pins which not only saves time but also keeps the pattern flat as you cut.

IMG_1500I make them out of scraps of fabric but actually this fabric was printed with squares in exactly the right size, but you could use any fabric you like. Its fun to use all one type of fabric, like Liberty fabric if you are a fan or just mix up your favourites from your stash.

I like to put something like corduroy on the bottom because I think it makes them a bit sturdier underneath and stops slipping around, but its not essential.

The weights measure approx 5cm x 5cm but you could make bigger ones if you prefer.

I also put a bit of good old poly stuffing in mine so I can stick my pins in them as I work which is pretty good.w4What you need:

Square metal washers 5cm x 5cm which you can get at any good hardware store or online here . Screwfix also do packs of 10 for a fiver which are slightly bigger.

Cut out two pieces of fabric 6cm x 6cm for each weight. (or add 1cm seam allowance to the widths of your weights all around if you are making ones in a different size).

Polyester stuffing or scraps of wadding are good, wire wool (for scrubbing pots could be a good alternative as it would keep your pins nice and sharp) although I haven’t tried it yet.


w5This is what the metal washers look like.W3Sew your pieces with the right sides together with a 5mm seam allowance. Clip the corners and turn inside out. Poke the corners out or tease out with a needle.

W1Insert your metal washer. Add some wadding under the top section only.

IMG_1516Turn under the raw edges of the opening and hand stitch. i sometimes do a fancy bit of blanket stitch here with some embroidery thread to make a feature of it.

IMG_1517There you have it. Also good for needles, don’t want them to feel left out!

w6Ta dah!

I also like to make a simple mini zip bag in matching fabric to put them all in. But that’s another post for another day.


  1. These are great – useful and also beautiful! Thank you so much for the really helpful tutorial. (I don’t suppose you know if it’s possible to find the lovely fabric you used? It’s so lovely and folk arty.)


    1. Yes isn’t it lovely. I found this on eBay many years ago. Not seen it since I’m afraid. I think it was a Japanese linen but I can’t remember the name of the company that made it. So sorry I can’t be of more help. All the best Fiona at Sewgirl


  2. All the more beautiful for being rare in that case! How lovely to have made it up into something that you’ll use and see all the time. Thanks so much for your reply.


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