On Worthing beach in Maisie dress (with hood and side pockets).
In fleece back sweat fabric with side pockets and hood
Maisie top (with side pockets and neckband).
Maisie dress in sweat shirting fabric (with neckband and patch pockets).

So….at last! a Sewgirl beginners stretch jersey project- its been a long time coming. A nice and snuggly garment inspired by my trips to the beach and wanting to feel cosy when I go for my sea swims (yes you heard right!) I’m planning on swimming through the winter….hmm! We will see if that happens.

So what can I say about Maisie? Its comfy, cosy, oversized so lots of room for lumps and bumps (and I have my fair share of those!). Its got easy peasy raglan sleeves -yay! This pattern gives you options to make it in a choice of two lengths -a dress or top, with either side or patch pockets and a hood or high neckband, lots of choices on offer with this one. I popped a choice of pockets because I LOVE POCKETS! There- I said it.

Fabrics suitable for this garment: Stretch! So think sweatshirt fabric, terry or loop back jersey is perfect too. Medium weight stripy jersey is also fab, but make sure its not too lightweight, you need something with a bit of structure to it. Try sourcing one from The Cornish Haberdashery -they have some nice coloured jersey knit stripes. Any knit fabric is good too, for the orange jumper top I used a cable knit fabric by and its great!

So here is a chart with all the info you need about sizing, finished garment measurements and fabric requirements.

This is how to make Maisie Top or Dress.

Tips: I find it really helpful when sewing bulky fabrics to use a Walking Foot. This is not a ramble whilst you sew – ha ha! Its an attachment for your machine which has a rolling mechanism under the foot to help move the fabric along and it looks like this one, but don’t worry, if you haven’t got one.

A walking foot attachment

Also its a good idea to pop a jersey or ballpoint needle on your machine. It prevents snagging the elastane fibres in the fabric. You can get these from or your local sewing store.

Ballpoint needle

First prepare the PATCH POCKETS, if you are doing side pockets go to the next step.

Pin one pocket piece straight edge at each side edge of the Front and Back. Press away from the body. Topstitch on the pocket side.
Pin one sleeve (front edge) to the Front each side.
Press the sleeves away from the body
Join the sleeves (back edges) to the Back. Press.
With the RST, join the Front to Back at the side edges. Finish the raw edges together.

NECKBAND (for Hood version go to ‘HOOD’ section)

Pin the short edges together with the RST (right sides together). By the way, if you prefer to make a narrower neckband, just cut a neckband piece half the width and with a straight short edge and follow the same instructions.
Fold the neckband in half with the wrong sides together, then pin to the neck edge all around, aligning the notches to the shoulder seams. Hand tack.
Sew. Finish the raw edge. Press the neckband upwards and the seam allowance downwards. Topstitch around the neckline on the right side of the garment.
Pin the cuff hem. Single fold if you have an overlocker, double fold (1cm then 2cm) if you dont. Alternatively you may prefer to add a cuff. If so here is a how to printed tutorial about how to do so.

Sew the cuff hem.
Pin then sew the lower hem.
Topstitch the pocket all around. Sew on the wrong side, following the previous line of stitching around the pocket.


Pic 1. Pin the two Hood pieces at the outer curved edge with the right sides of the fabric facing together. Sew. Finish the raw edge. Pic 2. Fold back the straight edge 1cm then again 2cm. Press, pin then stitch.
Pin to the neck edge all around with the RST. Finish the raw edges together.
Press the Hood upwards and the seam allowance downwards on the reverse side. Press. Pin, then top stitch all around.
Lovely hooded top with side pockets ready to go!

All content is copyrighted by Fiona Hesford please ask prior permission if you would like to use any of the text or images.


  1. Flaming puppy destroyed half my patten I only got front, hood and inserted pockets left I only left the room to answer door

    So I will have to buy the pattern again as its so easy and fun to wear in all sorted of fabrics

    I got half of one all ready cut out


      1. Nots it’s ok sorted it with roll of wrapping paper and one I made before so all good now but thank you


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