Sewgirl dollies

Sewgirl Doll is a fashion doll made from a unique printed cotton panel. She features a watch, daisy tattoo, little natty boots and cute spotty undies.

Cut out the pieces, sew her up, stuff her, add hair and make her clothes from the templates that you can download for free from this page.

Instructions about making the doll are also available to print from this blog page.

You can embroider or paint in her eyes, lips and nails with marker pens or embroidery thread and just add detail as you wish. She is canvas for your creativity.

Heres my daughter Tilly enjoying hours of fashion fun!
This unique cotton printed panel- just cut out the pieces and sew up following the downloadable instructions below.
Sewgirl has even got a watch and a tattoo and natty little boots.
Funky style- she loves to dress up
Make her clothes from downloadable templates- dress, jeans, tunic top, knitted jumper, a pair of glasses to cut out from felt and stitch on.
Copyright Fiona Hesford
All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi, I don’t know where to find my password to access the blog, could you help please

    Christine O’Brien



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