Making Rosalind is easy just a couple of hours of fun.

Download the pattern from at the neckline

Ros top hr jpg

Boxy shape sits on the hips.

IMG_4480Short capped off the shoulder sleeves

IMG_4479Cute little covered and slit opening at the back for a retro look

1Pic 12Pic 23Pic 34Pic 4

6Pic 57Pic 6/78Pic 89Pic 910

Pic 1011Pic 1112DIAGRAMS

cutting diag jpeg
Cutting layout
diag 1
Cut the necklines
diag 2
gather the front neckline
diag 3
Attach the facings
diag 4
Hem the lower and side edges
diag 5
Sew up the sides

Pic 12


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